Liliensternus was a medium-sized Triassic theropod. It was a a member of the family Coelophysidea, a group of primitive theropods that were closely related to the best known member of the group, Coelophysis. Liliensternus was unique among its relatives. Compared to other Coelophysoids, it was a giant, almost as big as Plateosaurus. Liliensternus is known from two nearly complete skeletons, where as most other Coelophysoids are known from only the most fragmentary remains. It was named after its finder - Ruhle von Lilienstern.
  • Liliensternus
  • This is Ruhle von Lilienstern who discovered the first fossils of the dinosaur that would be named after him.
  • Bedheim, Lilienstern's hometown actually put the dinosaur on their coat of arms!

Fact File

Length: 5 - 6 metres

Height: 2 metres

Weight: 127kg

Diet: Carnivorous


Liliensternus most likely preyed on plant eaters such as Plateosaurus, and their babies. There is no evidence of cannibalism, unlike Coelophysis. While this means we cannot assume that Liliensternus would not consume its young if times were especially tough, we can't rule out the possibility either. On the other hand, it has been proven that sine larger animals, dinosaur or otherwise, can store more fat than smaller animals, they can withstand food scarcity better, making cannibalism less likely for this dinosaur.

In popular Culture

In 'Walking With Dinosaurs: The Arena Spectacular' , Lilensternus featured as the main Triassic predator, and is seen stealing Plateosaurus babies for dinner.


Liliensternus in 'Walking With Dinosaurs: The Arena Spectacular'

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