Linheraptor is a specie of dromaeosaur (raptor) from present-day China. It would have lived in the Late Cretaceous
New Discovery Linheraptor
. Linheraptor was named by Xu Xing and his colleagues in 2010, and its full name is Linheraptor exquisitus. It was a bird-like dinosaur less than two metres long. Only one skeleton has been discovered, but it is a fairly complete skeleton.

Linheraptor is a bird-like theropod, weighing only 25 kilograms, and is thought to have preyed on small ceratopsians, like Protoceratops. Linheraptor was a fast and agile predator, with an elongated skull, curved neck a big claw on the second toe. It was bipedal, with a long tail for balance when running and hunting, because it was carnivorous.

Linheraptor is named after the district of Inner Mongolia where it was discovered - Linhe. Linheraptor, like several other raptors, was also thought to be feathered.

This is possilby a junior synonym of Velociraptor.

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