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As far as raptors go, many people have heard of Megaraptor, the largest of all raptors. However, Megaraptor probably wasn't really a raptor at all. It was recently confirmed to be a neovenatorid allosauroid, in the same group as Australovenator and Fukuiraptor. The first fossil of Megaraptor ever found was a single, curving claw, measuring a foot in length. This was thought to be one of the killing claws found on all raptors' middle toes, but turned out to be a hand claw. It is interesting that this very case of misidentification occurred with another theropod; Baryonyx. This spinosaur was originally thought to be a giant raptor too, but again the giant curved claw turned out to be a hand claw.

The claw of Megaraptor

Fact File

Length: 6-8 metres

Height: 2 metres (at the hip)

Weight: unknown

Diet: Carnivorous


It is not known what or how Megaraptor hunted, because we are not entirely sure what Megaraptor really is. Undoubtedly, however this creature would have been a force to be reckoned with. Possibly the Megaraptor preyed upon juvenile Titanosaurs, Hadrosaurs and small mammals, and maybe they were hunting in pairs.


Megaraptor Eating a Sauropod Chubutisaurus.

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