Pterodactylus is more commonly referred to as simply pterodactyl and is what most laypeople think of as those "giant flying dinosaurs." One of the many pterosaurs or flying reptiles, pterodactylus was in reality quite small. Pterodactylus is the first pterosaur ever discovered, which is probably why it is the best known.
Pterodactylus BW

Fact File

Length: 1 meter

Wingspan: 1.5 meters

Diet: Piscivorous


Pterodactylus had a beak that was filled with short, conical teeth. This is odd, as one usually doesn't think of a beaked animal having teeth. However, this arrangement was perfect for skimming the water for small fish and other sea creatures. Pterodactylus also had a throat pouch like the modern day pelican. Although throat pouches can be used for different things, it may have been that Pterodactylus used its throat pouch to hold fish, like the pelican.

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