Purrussaurus was caiman, a relative to the monstrous crocodilians like Sarcosuchus and Deinosuchus. Although it was a caiman, which is a relative of alligators and crocodiles, a caiman being normally (with the exception of the black caiman,) a small crocodilian of an average 6-8 ft. But Purrussaurus was the giant of the caimans, just like Sarcosuchus is the giant among crocodiles, and Deinosuchus the giant of the alligators. This caiman lived in argentinia, during the cenozoic era. It was likely it lived roughly during the period of 5 mya or more.

Size: more than 36 ft in length.

Height:(at shoulder,) 7 ft

weight: 50,000 lbs.

prey: anything it could ambush and eat.

fun fact: Purrussaurus had 3 different species.

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