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Rajasaurus was a carnivore with tiny arms, its name means "regal lizard". It could grow to have a length of 9 meters (30 feet) and was a carnivore that resembled the Carnotaurus, featuring one horn and a powerful build. It was located in India. Rajasaurus closely resembles Majungasaurus, a contemporary abelisaur from Madagascar, an island that had separated from the Indian landmass about 20 million years earlier.



Rajasaurus was a large abelisaur discovered in the Lameta Formation of southern India, along of fellow abelisaurids Indosuchus, Rahiolisaurus, and a large titanosaurid Isisaurus. R. narmadensis was known from a partial skeleton including a well-preserved skull (with a complete braincase and 70% of the rest of the bones recovered) hip bones and parts of the hind legs, backbone and tail.

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